Cultivate & Create: Episode 18


Thank you so much, Courtney, Floofy Moose!! (Florence Cathedral Cowl)

Finished Knitting!


Currently Knitting

Something I want: Weight Watchers snack ideas

Something I need: Rose City Rollers

Something to wear: family pajama pants!

Something to read

Winners, Winners, Chicken Dinners!! Contact me!!


  • Instagram contest
  • a photo of you going to your happy place with your knitting
  • will draw from Instagram once a week


2 thoughts on “Cultivate & Create: Episode 18”

  1. Your call for WW snack ideas hit a note with me – I too recently started the program and am also struggling with snacks.
    I’m in Australia so a lot of our branded items won’t translate, but a few I’m enjoying are:

    + 100g Light Greek yoghurt muxed with 1tspn raw cacao powder and some fresh blueberries
    + 1 boiled egg sprinkled with celery salt
    + chai tea (teabag, not powder) with 1 cup warmed almond milk
    + choc chia pudding – tspn chia seeds, 1 cup almond or soy milk, tspn cacao powder; mix and fridge overnight to set
    Best wishes! Kylie

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