Cultivate and Create: Episode 4

Long day today. Commute home took much longer than planned, but it was made less unpleasant by Paula and company. Thanks, @knittingpipeline. And, @bronwyndp, this probably isn't surprising, but I used to read the dictionary. Happy mail was waiting to help

Thank you so much for joining me! (Sorry, the dogs joined me as well.) Currently Knitting

  Test knitting a hat by @hunterhammersen this morning. Using up the last of my @anothercraftygirl Ponkie Brewster stash. I'll have to stock up at Knitting Pipeline.

Something I want: A hands-free commute (aka: lots of knitting time)!!

Something I need:

Something to wear: Lots of shawls!!

Germinate by Kirsten Kapur (I apologize for mispronouncing her first name.) TTL Mystery Shawl

Something to read:

Knitting + Inspiration = Knitspiration KAL

What inspires you? What patterns do you just have to knit now? What yarns do you dream about knitting into something beautiful? Whose projects do you find yourself wanting to imitate? Who posts photos of the most amazing spinning projects on Instagram?Let’s knitspire one another, using #knitspirationKAL16 on Ravelry and Instagram.



  • Choose yarn, fiber, a pattern, or another knitter’s project that inspires you (can also be an inspired WIP).
  • Finish between January 15 and February 29 of 2016.
  • Post one time in the FO thread, but add and tag those knitspired entries as you finish them.
  • Must be at least 50 grams.
  • Must be a member of the group.

Find me on Ravelry and Instagram as mrsshoo and the Ravelry group Cultivate and Create.