Dreams like a podcast, Downloading truth in my ears.

Anymore, we rarely have the television on in our house. Most of the shows we watch are over for the season, and while Chris and I have started watching Game of Thrones, we don’t watch it every night. So, I frequently put on podcasts. I really enjoy listening while I’m doing other things, and a podcast doesn’t distract G from his playing.
I have quite a list of podcasts I listen to. I tend to lean towards knitting-related topics or trivia-type knowledge. My list can further be broken down into those I’m a devout follower of and those I’m still just trying out for whatever reason.
For those of you who are interested, here’s the list. Please, let me know if there’s something else I need to check out. I’m beginning to run out of back episodes of some of these, so I need new shows.

Commuter Knitter
Every couple weeks, Jen talks through her knitting as she commutes. There isn’t a lot of small-talk in her podcast, which I appreciate. You get a sense of who she is without being inundated.
Jen and Jane Knitfunny
I love this podcast. They’re sarcastic and irreverent and just funny!
Just One More Row
Dana and Brittany have a great rapport. Dana has her own dying business, which is really interesting to hear about. And I plan on trying her yarn at SSK Marketplace. Both have been knitting sweaters lately, which is really motivating me to work on my own cardigan.
Knit Knit Cafe
Abby tends to really analyze her knitting and spinning. For example, she was struggling to find a way to successfully tension her sock knitting, and after going down several needle sizes, re-taught herself to knit in a different way. She does have her soapbox moments, but she warns you they’re coming.
Stockinette Zombies
This is probably my favorite video-podcast. I really like both Megan and Amy, and I love that they take a few minutes at the beginning to “chat,” then it’s onto the knitting. You get a sense of who they are, but the focus is on their knitting.
The Knit Girllls
My friend Kristi turned me on to The Knit Girllls, and I love to see their knitting and spinning projects. I definitely enjoy the podcast more when they’re together versus the two different “screens”.
The Knitmore Girls
I really enjoy most of The Knitmore Girls’ content, but I’m frequently pulled out by the ads.
The Must Stash Podcast
These girls can get a bit giggly, but it’s really clear that Steph and Stacie enjoy what they’re doing. Even though I don’t spin, I’ve enjoyed hearing (and seeing) their Tour-de-Fleece progress.
The Yarniacs
I’ve only listened to one episode of The Yarniacs, but I have several more I intend to listen to.

A Way with Words
This was my very first podcast addiction. I’m a word nerd, and I’m proud of it. I can indulge in all my nerdiness with this podcast.
I’ve listened to the beginning of The Age of Innocence and enjoy the analysis. Another listener recommended Dracula and Jane Eyre.
Good Job, Brain!
This is trivia night meets Jeopardy! meets Wikipedia. If you do trivia teams, listen to this!!
How to Do Everything
Just a quick (15-20 minute) listen that’s about as random as it can get. The best part? The bathroom of the week!!
The Mister got me started on this one. The hosts edit in interviews from various parties to tell a story. Usually fascinating, but there haven’t been as many “story”-type episodes lately.
Short Cuts
Another quick listen featuring various stories centering on a theme.
Stuff You Should Know
Exactly what it sounds like. The hosts, Josh and Chuck, “teach” us about a new topic each week.
WBEZ’s Changing Channels
This is a new podcast, only two episodes, featuring three women who discuss current television news, what they’re watching, what they aren’t watching, and anything else television-related. The last episode focused on “divorcing” shows, which I thought was an interesting concept (not coined by them, but discussed in their show).

Downloaded But Haven’t Listened
The Milt Rosenberg Show
The Read
Topics with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter
Tried this one. Wasn’t a fan. A bit too rambling and general for me. Disclaimer: I didn’t get more than ten minutes into it. I just didn’t enjoy the flow of it.


Title from the novel The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan